2012 Chevy Cruze Features Innovative Sound Proofing


chevy cruze lufkinThe engineers from General Motors used innovative technologies to give the Chevy Cruze a quiet ride much like you would expect from an expensive luxury car. The more you learn about the Chevrolet Cruze the more you will appreciate the attention to detail that went into building this top selling model. Whether your focus is on appearance, safety, value, drivability or fuel economy the 2012 Chevy Cruze delivers on all fronts.

The list of technologies and processes that went into giving the Cruze a quiet ride numbers around 30. The team used feedback from a diverse group of drivers in real world conditions from America, Canada, Europe and Asia to identify noises that were heard while driving. The testing process included extreme temperature testing from minus 20 to 120 degrees all in the same day. The Cruze represents the new attitude at Chevrolet to build world class automobiles that people want to actually drive.

One of the key components of the sound proofing process is a liquid applied sound deadener that is applied to certain parts of the body structure and is melted into place when the body goes through the paint oven. A common place for vehicles to produce wind noise is through improperly sealed doors. The Chevy Cruze utilizes triple seals on its doors to provide drivers with a nice quiet driving experience.

To learn more about the advanced technology that went into the production of the 2012 Chevy Cruze stop by Peltier Chevrolet in Lufkin TX. You can test drive the Chevrolet Cruze of your choice and see for yourself how the attention to detail has allowed Chevy to build a great car.

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  1. in 2011, Chevy Cruze won car of the year. in 2012 it’s Elantra’s turn to bag car of the year.

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